Selected Papers and Talks

'Transferable Skills: The Portsmouth Sinfonia, Art School, and Experimental Music.' Association for Art History Conference. Newcastle University and Northumbria University (2020).

'The Idea of Art School' (with Matthew Cornford). Freelands Foundation, London (2018).

'What Was Art School?' (with Matthew Cornford). Mediating Cultural Work: Texts, Objects and Politics. CAMEo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies. University of Leicester (2017).

'Forget the Sea: Melville, Sekula, and the Concealment of Labour.' The Eleventh International Melville Conference, King's College, London (2017).

'Radical Archivist: Jay Leyda's Melville.' Documentary Practices Symposium. University of Leeds (2017).

'Cutting In: Jay Leyda and Criticism as Montage.' Forms of Criticism. Parasol Unit, London (2016).

'Far West/Middle East: The Wormholes of War Photography.' American Topographics. Goldsmiths, University of London (2016).

'Cold War Art Labs' (with Ryan Bishop). Transmediale. Berlin (2016).

'Decontainerized: Allan Sekula’s Open Forms.' MLA. Austin, TX (2016).

'Futures Research and Catastrophic Thinking.' Visiting Speaker Programme. University of West London (2015).

'The Malcolm McLaren Art School Tour T-shirt' (with Matthew Cornford). Be Reasonable Demand the Impossible. Central St Martins, London (2015).

'Utah and the Times: Landscape and History in James Benning’s Deseret.' Western Literature Association, Reno, NV (2015).

'Photography's Open Secret.' The Politics and Practices of Secrecy. Institute of North American Studies, King's College London (2015).

'Art School Eliminated' (with Matthew Cornford). Educational Eliminationism and Cultural Colonisation. University of Westminster (2014).

'The Cold War Bunker and/as Cinema.' Royal Geographic Society Annual International Conference. London (2014).

'A Territory of Images: Michael Light in the Archive.' Natural History of Memory Colloquium. Centre for Literature and Trauma. Ghent University (2014).

'Documentary Poetics and the Manson Family.' Visiting Speaker Programme. University of Derby (2014).

'From the Local Art School to Globalised Bohemia' (with Matthew Cornford). Visiting Speaker Programme. Winchester School of Art (2014).

'Catastrophic Futures and Applied Fiction.' Inaugural Lecture. University of Westminster (2014).

'Global Catastrophe and Applied Fiction.' Visiting Speaker Programme. School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. University of Edinburgh (2014).

'The Global Tryworks: Sekula's Melville.' Visiting Speaker Programme. Department of English. University of Edinburgh (2013).

'The Car Chase and the Oil Crisis.' Cinematic Urban Geographies. CRASSH. University of Cambridge (2013).

'Rising Sun Going Down: On the Poetics of Declassification.' 1963: Cold War Unlimited. University of Sheffield (2013).

'Concentration and Dispersal in Manzanar.' Memory and Restitution. University of Westminster (2013).

'Occupied Otherwise.' Liceo Artistico Statale di Venezia. Venice Biennale (2013).

'New Topographics and the Dying Earth.' Narratives of Suburbia. University of Westminster (2012).

'The Lost World of the Local Art School' (with Matthew Cornford). Prospectus. Chelsea School of Art and Design (2012).

'The Local Art School versus the Cultural Quarter' (with Matthew Cornford). Stanley Picker Lecture Series. Kingston University (2012).

'Enter Ghost, Exit Ghost.' 751 D-Park. Beijing (2012).

'Is There Life On Earth? Photography, Abstraction, Counter-Surveillance.' Visiting Speaker Series. Winchester School of Art (2012).

'The Art School and the Culture Shed' (with Matthew Cornford). Corporate Occupation of the Arts. Bank of Ideas. London (2012).

'The Purloined Landscape: Militarised Space and Concealment as Spectacle.' Landscape and Eschatology. Tate Britain (2012).

'The General was Rubbish in the End: The Trouble with Statuary.' Keynote lecture. Performing Identity in American Literature. Durham University (2011).

'The Lost World of the Provincial British Art School' (with Matthew Cornford). Reflections on the Art School. Tate Britain (2011). 

'The Bunker as Time Machine.' Science Fiction in the Present. Newcastle University (2011).

'UrbEx, Ruin Porn, And Punk Noir from Detroit to Canvey Island.' Visiting Speaker Series. University of Nottingham (2011).

'Eat My Dust: Japanese American Narratives of Internment.' Visiting Speaker Series. Cambridge University (2010).

‘Excavating the British Art School’ (with Matthew Cornford). Art Schools: Interventions, Invective and Radical Possibilities. UCL (2010).

‘Landscape Photography: A Vertical Perspective.’ British Association of American Studies. UEA, Norwich (2010).

‘Critical Intervals: Rephotography, Landscape, and Politics.’ Landscape and Identity Symposium. University of Derby (2009).

‘Landscape, Cenotaph, Midden: Don DeLillo’s Dirty Curatorial War.’ Visiting Speaker Series. University of Kent at Canterbury (2008).

'Baudrillard and the Cultural Politics of the United States.' Engaging Baudrillard. Swansea University (2006).

‘The Eyes Want to Close’: European Appropriations of the American Desert.’ Western Literature Association. Boise, ID (2006).

‘The West as Catastrophe: Clarence King, Mike Davis and the Politics of Contingency.’ Western Literature Association. Los Angeles, CA (2005).

‘A Tour of the Monuments of Postminimalism.’ British Association of American Studies. Cambridge (2005).

‘Ruins of the Future: Degradation and Recovery in the Western United States.’ AHRC Landscape and Environment Seminar, Sheffield University (2005).

‘Dead Calm: The “Still” Image as Aftershock.’ Western Literature Association. Houston, TX (2003).

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'A Transatlantic Topography of Spatial Form: Ian Hamilton Finlay and American Poetry.' Textual Relations: Britain and America. Symbiosis Inaugural Conference. College of St. Mark and St. John, Plymouth (1997).