Thursday, September 01, 2005

Trinity Site: Jumbo, View of Remains

Library of Congress: American Memory: Built in America

‘[T]he archaeological refers to ruin and responses to it, to the mundane and quotidian articulated with grand historical scenarios, to materializations of the experience of history, material aura, senses of place and history, choices of what to keep and what to let go (remember/forget), the material artefact as allegorical, collections and their systems, the city and its material cultural capitalizations (investments in pasts and futures), the intimate connection between all this and a utopian frame of mind (archaeology is not just about the past, but about desired futures too). And the stuff of it all is garbage.’

Michael Shanks, David Platt, William L. Rathje, ‘The Perfume of Garbage: Modernity and the Archaeological,’ MODERNISM/Modernity 11.1 (2004): 61-83, p. 64.